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Slug on a tree

Andrea’s orchid

One of Andrea’s orchids.

Beetle love

Bees in a Vermont gift shop

Billings Farm cow

(Photo by me)

(Photo by Gavin)

(Photo by Gavin)

(Photo by Gavin)

Two cameras, one Billings Farm cow.

Billings Farm kitchen

This summer we visited Billings Farm in Vermont. My favorite part was the farm house kitchen.

Those open bins are for flour and sugar. I love the open wood shelves and the metal, earthenware and wood tools and bowls.

Herbs were hung up to dry over the firewood bin.

Houseplants were arranged in a copper tray filled with stones under a window.

Between the windows was a metal-lined sink on wooden legs.

Here is a close-up of the faucet.

And of course there was a wood-burning stove.

Vermont bee in August


Ollas are unglazed clay jars with wide bodies and thin necks.

They help conserve water in the garden. I learned about them from the Dervaes family here in Pasadena. They sell them in their online store.

You bury the ollas in dirt up to their necks.

Then you fill them up with water. The water slowly seeps out directly into the soil.

I found a rock that exactly fits the top of this olla to help keep mosquitoes and curious wasps out.

I’m just starting out with ollas, but for more information about their history and use, check out these resources from the Dervaes family:

Baby crookneck squash

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